Variable support

With the latest snap edge release of LVNAuth, you can now use variables in your scripts.

Variables are useful if you reference the same text over and over again in your visual novels. For example, let's say you have a character name that's long, such as Frankenstein. Writing that name over and over again in your visual novel can get tedious. So now you can create a variable named fra and give that variable a value of Frankenstein.


And then now every time you want to use the word Frankenstien in your scripts, you can reference the variable like this: <character_show: ($fra)>

($fra) is easier to type than Frankenstein.

You could even technically make it shorter, such as ($f) if you really wanted to.

Variables can be used anywhere in your scripts, including in dialogue text; they're not limited to commands.

To use the latest edge release of LVNAuth, use the command:

sudo snap install lvnauth --edge

The edge release of LVNAuth is a pre-stable release primarily meant for testing purposes, so it might still contain some bugs.