LVNAuth 0.5 released

LVNAuth v0.5 includes sprite text support, flatpak support, improved performance and bug fixes.


LVNAuth is now available as a flatpak! For those of you who use flatpak, installing LVNAuth is easy:

To install LVNAuth as a flatpak, use this command: flatpak install org.lvnauth.LVNAuth

LVNAuth continues to also be available as a snap package.

To install LVNAuth as a snap, use this command: snap install lvnauth

Sprite text support

Sprite text support allows you to display text on any sprite (character sprites, objects, dialog sprites). It even support text animation such as fading and letter-by-letter. The purpose of having text shown on sprites is to prepare the way for creating clickable buttons in a future version of LVNAuth. Buttons will end up being sprites and there was a need to display text on sprites; therefore this feature was added.

Sprite text can also be used for other creative things such as showing bubble text (like in comics), store signs, etc.

It's similar to dialogue text in the sense that it doesn't use actual fonts to display text; it uses font sprite sheets (images of letters) to display text.

All the new sprite text commands can be found in the Wizard window (by clicking the Wizard button), under the 'Font' category.

Other improvements

There have been changes made in the way LVNAuth refreshes the frames on visual novels - the code is much easier to understand, making it better for code maintenance. It also improves performance.

Here is a list of changes in LVNAuth 0.5 - enjoy!

LVNAuth 0.5

March 19, 2024